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Work - Commercial
ESMALTS MARCH, is a company constituted by the sisters Maria Teresa and Margarida March with more than of 30 years of constancy , teamwork and experience in this field.

As a short introduction, we can say that enamelled work is a millennial form of artistic expression. In the ancient Greece, in the 5th century BC, it was already incorporated into precious metal work, and also in Rome and Byzantium, while in the Middle Ages it arose in the Rhine, Meuse and Limoges schools.There is also an important enamel tradition in Catalonia, where a lot of pieces of sumptuary art has been found out, both religious and profane, dating back to the Middle Ages.

As a brief definition of fired enamels on metals, we might state that that technique consists of the application of polychromatic vitreous matter onto a metal support, to which it is stuck by fusion at high temperature, from 800 ºC to 1,000 ºC. The variety of tones and shades are achieved by superimposition of different layers and colours with subsequent firings.

With regards to our own work we can say that, following the traditional techniques and taking advantage of any means at our disposal, by the combination of different materials, we are trying nowadays to open new channels of expression concerning texture, colour and volume. Anyway, we want to point out that all our production is totally handmade.

By using our own designs, our work ranges from small pieces, suitable for jeweIlery or miniatures, to large sculptural pieces on various bases: stone, wrought iron, wood, silver, etc.

We are also specialized in hand-produced portraits.
Faithful reproductions.
We also carry out projects subject to prior study.

All stated above is the result of the experience achieved through long years of dedication to this art.